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Historically Black College and University Alumni Building Lasting Engagement, Inc. 


Empowering HBCU Excellence: At HBCU ABLE, we are a nonprofit organization dedicated to illuminating the brilliance of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Our digital platform serves as a beacon, shedding a positive light on the boundless opportunities, resources, and enriching experiences available to HBCU students. Through inspiring student spotlights, we paint a vivid picture of the vibrant HBCU life.
We firmly believe that we are stronger together. HBCU ABLE fosters generational collaboration by nurturing mentorship connections, bridging the gap between current students and esteemed alumni. Our platform provides a space for alumni to share invaluable opportunities, creating a comprehensive list for current students, simplifying their journey to internships and post-graduation employment, thus boosting job-placement rates.
But we don’t stop there. HBCU ABLE is also committed to easing the financial burden of HBCU education. Through our alumni network, we raise funds to support students’ academic pursuits.
What sets HBCU ABLE apart is our digital presence, where everyone can join our community. Our mentorship program focuses on closing the generational divide, ensuring that wisdom flows seamlessly from alumni to current students.
In unity, we find strength. At HBCU ABLE, YOU are ABLE, WE are ABLE. Together, we empower HBCU excellence. HBCU ABLE!

Our Founder


Our Story

Jaylah Dorman,  junior honors health education major, concentration in community health, chemistry minor from Durham North Carolina, Founder and Executive Director of HBCU ABLE speaks on her organization: 

“HBCU ABLE is a new community organization that is being piloted at Howard University. It stands for Historically Black College and University Alumni Building Lasting Engagement, and is an organization focused on being a pipeline between the alumni association and student body on HBCU campuses. We want to help students secure internships, mentorship, and sponsorship through our alumni.” 

JD continued “I began developing HBCU ABLE as a freshman after having a really hard time finding an internship. I finally landed an internship with Salveo Innovation, llc –  a health-tech startup started by two HBCU alumni that looked like me. That was a full-circle moment for me, I realized that our alumni have the resources, connections, and finances that we need to be successful during our time here at Howard and if I can create a system or platform that connects us then I would’ve done my job being a student here.”

“I want everyone to understand that HBCU ABLE is here for everyone, we value belonging, we want to help anybody that’s looking for help and we also want to emphasize that our experiences as HBCU students and our education as HBCU students are completely valid and that if we come together and bridge the generational gap between the two of us then nobody could really stop us in what we do.”


We want all students to have access to an alumni of their institution who can provide insight about their career and life at large. We want to bridge the informational gap between students and alumnus at HBCUs, in an effort to spread our resources and create a pipeline to success, reinforcing the fact that the HBCU community is ABLE!


We know that HBCU alumni have the resources and connections to help current HBCU students on their path to success. We are hoping to recruit HBCU alumni excited to inspire and contribute to the next generation of HBCU students!


HBCU ABLE is a hub for the best HBCU talent in the country! Students from all disciplines are eager to find opportunities in the workforce. If you are looking for an intern or employee, you can browse through our student member catalog to find students who are currently seeking employment in your field.

Meet Our Alumni

Jaylah Dorman

Executive Director

Janila Hendly Crayton

Assistant Director

Jasmine Rivera

Chief of Staff

Dyasia Robinson

Financial Advisor

Blessing Lockwood

Outreach Coordinator

Russell Antwi

Student Liaison

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