Alumni Spotlight: Keisha Nelson

Welcome to our alumni highlight portion where we will be highlighting our Howard University Alumni! HBCU ABLE aims to highlight our alumni and student members through our member spotlight series. We hope to help prospective students understand how endless the opportunities are and how far our network reaches within the HBCU community!

Keisha Nelson graduated from the School of Education with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development in 2009. She is Philly-born, South Jersey-Bred, and Howard Made.

Nelson currently serves as an Education Outreach Manager. Her role entails taking the content we grew up watching on PBS Kids, as well as adult PBS content, and bringing it into the community through outreach events, grant-funded programming, and in-house content.

Nelson is excited to receive a mentee through the H.B.C.U. A.B.L.E. mentorship program. She believes that mentorship is extremely important for both mentees and mentors. “It gives you a behind the scenes look into fields, experiences, and rooms that you haven’t entered yet.”

Nelson encourages students interested in WHUT, Howard University Television, to work with Spotlight, a student production organization that will afford them volunteer opportunities, shadowing, and exposure to the public media and television!

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